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The Science of Snowflakes

Posted by Kristi Brekhus on 7th Dec 2018

There are few things on this earth that are as recognizable and iconic as the snowflake. The whimsical and often very beautiful patterns have fascinated us for decades…and we often wonder, … read more

Michelle's Rustic Apple Galette Recipe

Posted by Michelle Walters on 12th Nov 2018

My mom and I have different names for this same dessert. I call it a 'fruit galette', and she calls it a 'fruit crostata'. They are the same thing as far as we can tell, but we like to have some … read more

Holiday Gift Buying Guide for Gadget Geeks

Posted by Michelle Walters on 8th Nov 2018

Check out these top holiday gift picks for gadget freaks! We've assembled a unique gift buying guide for the hard-to-please person in your life who has a soft spot for all things new and interestin … read more