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7 Industrial Safety Items You Didn’t Know You Needed

7 Industrial Safety Items You Didn’t Know You Needed

Posted by Ariana Najafi on 11th Mar 2021

1. Anti-fatigue matting

Sitting is the new smoking and standing can be very tiring. OSHA speaks to the benefits of anti-fatigue matting in their Ergonomics for the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders Manual. At CP Lab Safety, we believe it’s an incredibly important addition to a safe and healthy workplace. Here’s why:

  • Standing on hard surfaces for extended periods of time compresses your feet, joints, and spine. An anti-fatigue mat will reduce the pressure and relieve your body of the additional stress; allowing you to redirect energy to the task at hand.
  • Standing on hard surfaces causes the muscles in your calves to tighten and slows the pumping of blood from your legs back to your heart. Your heart inevitably works harder than it should which could lead to other health issues. Anti-fatigue mats help improve blood circulation throughout the body.

We recommend you install anti-fatigue mats or custom flooring in any workspace where employees stand for several hours at a time, including work stations, workshops, laboratories, and hospitals. Specialized matting is available for areas requiring anti-static or high hygiene and cleanability.

2. Cable covers

Exposed power cables not only make an office space look messy, but more importantly, they create dangerous trip hazards. Cable protection also prevents physical damage to the cables themselves. Our cable covers are tough enough to withstand forklift traffic yet low enough to not interfere with regular foot traffic. Protect your cables with these flexible, industrial-grade cable covers.

3. Display of proper signage

Displaying proper signage in your lab or workspace is a good way to prevent injuries, spread cold & flu viruses, fires, etc., and encourage proper hygiene and rule-following. Keeping your employees safe is a top priority at CP Lab Safety and so we offer 25,000+ signs to support your workplace safety, from hand washing to FOB warning. Custom signs are also available with your own messaging.

4. Temporary safety barriers

Temporary safety barriers are great for crowd control, pedestrian safety, or parking controls. They are also very useful for blocking loading docks, elevators, and corridors, escalators, bathrooms, etc. Belt style barriers are a must-have for any space that prioritizes safety across any industry. Available with stanchions, for easy set-up anywhere, or with magnetic ends to quickly and easily block doorways. We carry a variety of barrier styles with a range of colors and messages.

5. Spill Pallets and large Secondary Containment

Chemical drips, spills, and leaks from drums and containers are a safety hazard and can trigger fines during inspections. Storing chemical drums poses several risks if not done properly. An appropriate way to store liquid drums and other large containers is on a spill deck or spill pallet, which features a compliant sump to contain any leaks or spills and meet EPA requirements for secondary containment.

6. Chemical Safety Couplers

Chemical cross-contamination can cause a catastrophe. Read that line again. Transferring the wrong chemical into a tank could not only lead to extreme property damage but could also be fatal. Color-coded safety chemical couplers feature connections that only mate with their perfect match, eliminating the risk of accidental cross-contamination. KemKey couplers are a crucial element to running a safe operation.

7. Safety Training Manuals

Last but not least, safety training is important to keep in your lab or workplace. We carry employee manuals, designed to help your facility remain compliant with OSHA regulations, and manager training. Teach employees to quickly identify hazardous situations in your workplace, follow proper procedures, and understand rules and regulations.

Please visit our website at to find more industrial safety products for your workplace such as Eyewash & Body shower stations, glow in the dark signage, secondary containers, PPE, etc.


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