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DIGI-note: The Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Sticky Notes

Posted by Kristi Brekhus on 16th Oct 2018

At CP Lab Safety we’re driven to make your workplace safe and environmentally sustainable. For decades, sticky notes have been the go-to method for leaving notes in the workplace and home. With the invention of DIGI-note, being wasteful with both time and paper will be a thing of the past.

DIGI-note is an electronic device with the ability to record a 30 second voice message. Once the message is recorded, just tap the play button to listen. When the message is no longer needed, press the record button to record over the old message with a new one! It is a simple and effective way to use less paper and time in the office or at home. The magnet inside the DIGI-note allows it to adhere to metal surfaces and the unit is rechargeable – perfect for leaving thoughtful messages for loved ones.

Dr. Ron Najafi, inventor of DIGI-note, had this to say about his new product:

“I was tired of writing messages on a sticky notes and leaving them for my employees and colleagues. My typical message would be at least two notes long. It would take me 1-2 minutes to write them. In the age of environmental sustainability, and rapid transfer of messages from one person to the next, use of post-it note became wasteful and a thing of the past… Throwing away all that paper just to relay a simple note is insane.

I invented the rechargeable DIGI-note as an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional sticky notes, allowing anyone to communicate short messages efficiently – saving time, money and paper.”

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